Hello friends! My name is Holly and I am currently 17 years old, turning 18 on July 14th.

Photo of me
November 2016


I’m studying graphic design in the Greater Cincinnati area. I also love fashion, playing with makeup, journaling/planning, illustration and painting, video games, and animals (I have three dogs and am now a new cat mother).

This year has been pretty good to me so far. Let’s review!

January 2017

Photo of my mom and I on New Year's Eve
My mom and I on New Year’s Eve


This was the month that I got my new job, which I like a whole bunch.

Screenshot from Animal Crossing, New Leaf
Animal Crossing: New Leaf

I took some advice from Flora and played with some glitter.

Glittery gal

I went to my boyfriend’s senior dinner dance.

Senior dinner dance


February 2017

February was kind of a “there” month. Not too much happened, which is sometimes a good thing.

Photostrip of Noah and I from Valentine's Day
Noah and I, Valentine’s Day
Photo of my dog, Allie, and her toy with the stuffing ripped out
The face of a monster


March 2017

March really changed me.

At the beginning of March, I had my breast reduction surgery and I had never felt better. I could write forever about the experience.

Franklin, my new friend

Noah and I worked together to teach groups of seventh graders Adobe Illustrator. Both of us are certified in the program and helped out at the local Makerspace. The kids amazed me with how quickly they picked things up and how awesome the end results could turn out.

Teaching AI

April 2017

April was when I began to be more active since surgery.

In April, we took a trip to Tennessee for a cheer competition for my sister.

Photo of trees and mountains from car


We went to a go-kart/mini golf/arcade place.

Glow in the dark mini golf


I was not the greatest. My sister destroyed me.

We went to a Cincinnati Reds baseball game.


I went to my boyfriend’s prom…

More prom!


May 2017

…and then we went to mine.

Prom 2!
Photo of me before my prom
More prom 2!

We brought home my baby, Zelda, on the 20th.

On the way home!

She quickly claimed my bed.

Like, really?


June 2017

And then I graduated high school.

Photo of me after walking off stage
She really did that!


That was pretty neat.

We had my grad party and Noah and I made graduation wishes.

Making grad wishes

I got my daith pierced after a spell of bad migraines.

Photo of my daith (ear)piercing
Cute, huh?

I went to Noah’s grad party.

I can’t believe 2017 is already half over. So much has happened and I can’t wait to see the last half of 2017.



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I'm Holly, an 18-year-old college student from the greater Cincinnati area. Cat mother, dog lover, artist, pastel enthusiast.

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