Hello friends!

Today, I turned 18 years old, which is so weird. I’m legally an adult human with an adult-ish human brain.

I’ve done a lot of things in 18 years and have learned some stuff along the way.

  1. It’s going to be okay. Looking back at my life up to this point, everything had been such a big deal. When one of my friends didn’t text me back, or when I tripped in gym class in 8th grade, I felt like the world was ending. Guess what, middle school Holly? It’s fine.
  2. You can fill in your eyebrows. Yes, you can, and you probably should. Lightly and carefully.

    8th grade dinner dance. Yikes.
  3. Don’t cut your own hair. It’s a bad idea. You’ll end up with something funky going on from age 12 to age 14 (see above photo). Don’t do it.
  4. People are going to judge you no matter what. It doesn’t matter what you look like, what you say, or who you’re with. People are going to either love or hate you and there’s nothing you can do about it. Do what you want as long as you’re happy with yourself.
  5. Random does not equal funny. Being 12 is embarrassing.

  6. You can’t plan for everything. This is something I still struggle with, but I’m learning to accept it. I would love to write down a strict schedule for the day and follow it by the minute. But you can’t do that. Sometimes things come up and you just have to roll with it.
  7. You’re going to lose friends and that’s okay. You’re going to grow up and apart from friends. The friends you have when you’re 8 are probably not going to be the same friends you have when you turn 18. It’s okay. It’s normal. (But you will have a great group of friends.)
  8. Chill out with the eyeliner. Eyeliner is great, but stop putting it in your waterline. It makes you look creepy and your eyes look tiny.

    It was worse in person.
  9. Take care of your skin. You can’t help the genetic acne you got, but you can help prevent acne and other issues in the future by taking care of yourself. Drink water, moisturize and tone, and don’t wear makeup every day.
  10. Driving is not as scary and hard as you thought it would be. But you should still be careful.
  11. Laugh at yourself. You’re weird and not super graceful. It’s okay to laugh at how dumb you can be sometimes.
  12. Be kind, but don’t let people walk all over you. This one was hard for me. I’ve always been nice and in the past few years I’ve learned that I’ve been “too nice.” It’s okay to say no.
  13.  Change can be good. Everything happens for a reason, even if you can’t see the good in it now.

    A butterfly with her new haircut.
  14. Be nice to your hair. Use heat protectant. Condition it. Give it breaks between coloring. Get regular haircuts.
  15. Cats really aren’t that bad. I’ve always said I’m a dog person, and I think I always will be one at heart. But I do love my cat.

    Baby Zelda.
  16. Be patient. With everything. You have your entire life to do things, and time flies fast, so why rush?
  17. Seventeen really was your favorite age. When I was younger, I always said that 17 seemed like the perfect age. You were free, but not too free, and mature, but not too mature. See my last post for more on why 17 was my favorite (so far).

    It was a good time!
  18. You’re going to keep growing as a person. I am not the same person I was 3 years ago, and in 3 years, I’m not going to be the same person I was when I was 18. I’m going to keep having new experiences and learn new things about myself and about the world. And I’m so excited.



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Posted by:neatohollo

I'm Holly, an 18-year-old college student from the greater Cincinnati area. Cat mother, dog lover, artist, pastel enthusiast.

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