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I have had artist’s block since about December last year. I’ve made some art since then, but it’s been a struggle. I either never feel like making anything, or when I do, I don’t have time.

It’s something most of us have probably experienced at some point. Lack of time, energy, and inspiration are huge road blocks when making art. I’ve compiled a list of 8 ways I’m getting out of my artist’s block.

  1.  Find inspiration. Go on a walk or scroll through Pinterest. Find some references. Draw them.
  2. Start a journal. Write any and all ideas you might have. Write about your day. Write as many details as you can.

    Journal from Michael’s.
  3. Doodle. Draw or paint in your journal or planner. Sketch people you see in public. Doodle lines all over the page.

    Doodle I did in math class in April.
  4. Get some new supplies and try new mediums. For me, this was getting a drawing tablet for my computer, because I’m a traditional artist. If you’re a watercolor painter, you may want to try oil pastels, for example.

    The tablet I have.
  5. Go back into making things slowly. You don’t have to make an entire piece in one sitting. Take it one step at a time.
  6. Start a project or series and stick to it. Make a schedule and mini due dates if you think that would help you. I started making artist trading cards out of playing cards and doing some hidden rock paintings.

    Some rocks I painted.
  7. Share your art. Hang it on the refrigerator. Show your friends and family. It will encourage you to keep going!
  8. Just start drawing. It doesn’t matter where or what you draw. As long as you’re trying, you’ll get out of it. Fake it till you make it.

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Posted by:neatohollo

I'm Holly, an 18-year-old college student from the greater Cincinnati area. Cat mother, dog lover, artist, pastel enthusiast.

19 replies on “8 Ways to Overcome Artist’s Block

  1. Before travel bloggers, we are designers and that is what earns us our bread and butter. Artists block is a very common thing and it is great to see someone write about it. Thanks for sharing, nice post 🙂

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  2. I love the tip to make things slowly. I find if I’m blocked to just try to make something…something simple, anything! Just to get the juices flowing. its not even about that project its about what that action may inspire. Great post!

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  3. Great post. As a writer, I’m just as susceptible to these blocks, but going through Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” and continuing, months later to write my morning pages every day has been a huge help in keeping both the inspiration and motivation going.

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