Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp came out in Australia at the end of October on both iOS and Android devices. It’s set to come out for other countries later this month, but if you’re sneaky like I am, you’ve already made yourself an Australian iTunes account and downloaded it early.

The game is free to download, but of course, comes with in-app purchases. You can buy Leaf Tickets, which are premium in-game currency. This is totally optional, though. You can play the game without giving Tom Nook any of your real human money, but it does help speed up the game a little bit if you decide to purchase some.

Downloading the game if you are not Australian is fairly simple. There are plenty of tutorials out at this point. I followed this YouTube tutorial and had downloaded and was playing the game in less than 15 minutes.

In ACPC, you are the manager of your own campground (much like New Leaf, in which you are the mayor of your own town). The game is beautiful, though it was a bit weird to see Animal Crossing on my iPhone instead of my 3DS. img_5539Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 2.07.12 PM

You navigate through the game by simply tapping or dragging your finger around the screen. Villagers (or in this case, campers) will request that you bring them fish, fruits, bugs, etc. in exchange for bells and supplies to build furniture. This will also level up your friendship with them, and in turn, your level will increase and you’ll unlock new features, characters, and items.

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 2.06.13 PM

Each day, like many mobile phone games, you are rewarded for opening the app and playing the game.


Each place on the map will bring you to a new “island,” where you can collect items for camper’s requests. Depending on which area you are in, you will have a new tool (such as a fishing pole in Lost Lure Creek and Saltwater Shores), so you don’t have to worry about switching tools.

Top left: Lost Lure Creek

Here you can collect river fish, as well as oranges and cherries.

Top middle: Shovelstrike Quarry

You are presented with several rocks, five of which you can break open for gemstones. You will be rewarded according to the value of these gems, though it costs 20 leaf tickets or the help of five friends in order to get in.

Top right: OK Motors

Here you can customize your camper’s exterior and upsize the inside.

Middle left: Market Place

Isabelle can be found here if you need help. Timmy and Tommy sell items for your campsite and camper here, and vendors will rotate so you can buy clothes, accessories, and shoes!

Center: Campsite

This is your campsite! Decorate as you please and build amenities for visiting campers.

Middle right: Breezy Hollow

Collect fruits here! You can gather apples, peaches, cherries, oranges, and pears at this location.

Bottom left: Sunburst Island

Insects! Catch butterflies and beetles here, and gather some coconuts while you’re at it. 

Bottom right: Saltwater Shores

Ocean fish live here, and so do coconuts. 

You can spend leaf tickets at Lost Lure Creek, Sunburst Island, and Saltwater Shores, in order to catch an assortment of fish or bugs immediately.

While in these locations, you’ll come across other players! You’ll be able to become their friend, visit their campsite and give them kudos, and view their Market Box, which is a place for players to sell goods to other players. (For quick bells, you can also just sell your items immediately, straight from your inventory.)

As I mentioned, you can buy furniture from Timmy and Tommy at the Market Place, but Cyrus will also craft furniture for you, so long as you provide the materials and bells required to complete the project. This is the furniture that you will need to “attract” campers to your campsite.


Campers will come to your campsite after you reach a certain level of friendship with them (this seems to be level 3-ish) and once you have placed all the necessary furniture at your campsite. After their initial visit, they will be able to visit your campsite at any time!

My main complaint with this game is that every time I open the app, I have to download more data in order to play the game. This seems to be in preparation for the upcoming worldwide release, so hopefully it will be resolved in the coming weeks, but it has put me off from playing the game as much as I would like to.

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 2.07.35 PM

A big part of the game is the timed and stretch goals. You’ll recieve bells and other materials, for example, for gathering 20 shells in the 16 hour goal time. Stretch goals are more long term goals, such as having five friends in game.

Overall, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a very fun and relaxing game, being a bit of a simplified version of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I love sitting down to play it, and I highly reccomend anyone and everyone to download it and give it a chance, even if you’ve never played Animal Crossing before!

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