Fall is sadly fading into winter, and that means it’s time to compile a list of some of my favorite things from the past few months!

My Skin

Lately, my skin has been so much better thanks to the help of various face masks and really putting in a lot of effort to save my skin. I’ve had pretty bad acne for so many years, and I feel like I’m finally getting in control of my skin. Below are just a few of my current masks and cleansers, but I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with skincare this season. My skin is nowhere near clear or perfect, but it’s worlds better than it has been this past year.

My Sketchbook

I’ve been doing so much doodling in my sketchbook these past few months. By taking my sketchbook less seriously, I’ve actually noticed that I like how my pages turn out so much more now. The faster I fill pages, the more interesting the result.


As mentioned in my daily makeup routine post, I’ve been using Maybelline’s The Collassal Big Shot mascara every day and I truly love it. I change my mascara fairly often, but I bought this mascara on a whim a couple months ago and will be repurchasing it when I run out, which is rare for me.2503061

I also recently bought a knockoff beauty blender on a whim, and I’ve been liking it a lot for blending foundation. I feel like it’s a lot faster and easier, and leaves me with fewer streaks and less cakiness.


The one I have is pretty similar to this one, with one wider end and one smaller end (mine is from Forever 21). I don’t know how it stacks up to a real beauty blender, but it works very well for me.


This one’s pretty obvious. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has been all I’ve been playing lately. Since my previous post on the game, it has come out in North America, so all my friends have been playing it with me. I, unfortunately, had to restart because of this, but I’ve gotten much farther in the game than I had with my fake Australian identity. 😉



I’m finishing up my first semester of foundation art classes, which means lots of experimenting with different kinds of art. I just finished a wearable art piece not too long ago, and I’m finishing up a stop-motion piece and an artist book right now. I will have blog posts covering these projects soon!

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I'm Holly, an 18-year-old college student from the greater Cincinnati area. Cat mother, dog lover, artist, pastel enthusiast.

7 replies on “Fall 2017 Favorites

  1. I love your fall favorites! I understand how you feel with your skin, once I really started putting in effort it paid off.

    Also my favorite of your favorites was your sketchbook. It’s so colorful and really pulled me in. I just love your art style!

    I noticed you said you try new mascaras a lot, you should try L’oreal voluminous originals. It’s sooo good. I recently tried it and I love it!

    I’ve also been playing animal crossing! It felt like they took FOREVER to have it come out, but I think it was worth it! It’s so good, especially for being an app.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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