Meet our rags to riches sim, Lea Knight! She’s creative, materialistic, and loves the outdoors. She has the Mansion Baron aspiration, so her goal is to have the biggest and best house from nothing. (I will admit I did not make this sim from scratch. I used chrismcarter8’s Katie Hart from the gallery and changed a few things, like outfits and hair.)

01-21-18_11:02:23 PM

The point of this challenge is to start with a young adult sim, set the aging to normal, give them nothing (no money, no furniture or items) and have them work their ways up to the top. The sim is not allowed to have a job of any kind other than things like collecting and hobbies. I would like for this to be a bit of a legacy, as well.

I started out with using cheats to make the funds $0. This will be the only time I’ll use cheats in this game (aside from move objects and other cheats that don’t give an advantage).

On the first day, Sunday, I immediately took Lea to Magnolia Park to do some fishing, frog hunting, and digging/excavating. She met a few people and played a little chess, and I decided to have some fun and bring her to the city to make friends and do some karaoke.

01-21-18_10:49:16 PM01-21-18_10:38:11 PM01-21-18_10:45:35 PM01-21-18_10:46:45 PM

She was able to snag some free chips from the bar, and then decided that the toilet would be the best place to eat them.

01-21-18_10:47:36 PM

She slept on a bench in Magnolia park that night.

Day 2, Monday, was a little rough. She was exhausted all day because all she could do was nap on park benches, so I decided my first goals would be to buy an easel so she wouldn’t have to rely on fishing and collecting, and a bed so she could function throughout the day.

01-21-18_11:37:35 PM

The Humor and Hijinks festival was in town, so I decided to bring her to that for some fun. She joined as a jokester, but was too tired and uncomfortable to do any joking.

01-21-18_11:12:02 PM

She ended up passing out, but woke up just in time to see that the pranksters had won.

01-21-18_11:12:58 PM.png

She returned to napping on benches for the rest of the night.

On Tuesday, our third day, Lea desperately needed to shower, so I took her to the gym to take care of that. She proceeded to walk outside, still in her towel.

01-21-18_11:20:16 PM

She was still super tired, and was now very hungry, because she had only been eating free chips and stealing food from other sims, so I took her back to her home lot and let her make some food on the grills behind her lot.

01-21-18_11:23:21 PM01-21-18_11:23:34 PM

She was much happier once her needs were a little better taken care of, so I invited some of the friends that she had made over to hang out. They decided to all stand in a square, facing away from each other, on their phones.

01-21-18_11:26:17 PM

Because what else would they do?

Lea was still miserably tired, and ended up passing out again.

01-21-18_11:27:28 PM01-21-18_11:29:02 PM

Once she woke up, I took her to the library to practice writing, as that’s something I’d like her to work on in the future (once we can afford a computer).

01-21-18_11:33:47 PM01-21-18_11:33:01 PM

And we returned to sleeping on benches.

01-21-18_11:35:14 PM

By the end of this day, we had 570 simoleons, which I felt pretty good about!

On Wednesday, the fourth day, Lea went back home to get some more paintings done because we desperately need a bed if she’s going to make any progress. I also really wanted to get a fridge so she could eat something other than chips.

01-21-18_11:40:57 PM

Eventually, I could finally afford to buy the cheapest bed and the cheapest fridge, but it’s a start!

01-22-18_12:16:47 PM

Eating a sandwich, smiling through the pain.

Akira came over a little later in the evening.

01-22-18_12:22:35 PM

And Lea slept in a bed for the first time!

01-22-18_11:51:34 AM

Day 5 rolls around, and my goal for the day was to be able to put up some walls and buy a toilet. I took Lea to Magnolia Park again, to go to the bathroom and do some fishing and collecting.

01-22-18_11:58:57 AM01-22-18_12:00:38 PM

We went back home to eat, and I had Lea do more painting. We finally had enough money for some walls and a toilet (which I completely forgot to take a photo of)!

I also had Lea start a tiny garden to work on that skill and gain a little bit of money on the side.

01-22-18_12:30:17 PM

Lea had 264 simoleons at the end of Thursday.

On Friday, the sixth day, Lea woke up and was super gross. I really wanted to get her a bath or shower so she wouldn’t have to keep leaving her lot all the time, so I did some more painting and was able to buy her a bath!

01-22-18_12:15:02 PM

It seemed like Lea was constantly hungry, so my next goal was to get a countertop. I sent Lea straight back to painting to be able to afford the cheapest and ugliest one.

01-22-18_12:17:40 PM

Our home is really looking beautiful at this point.

01-22-18_12:27:01 PM

Lea cooking her first real meal at home before sleeping in her own bed, with $481 in the bank!

The seventh day was a really big one for Lea!

She did some gardening Saturday morning, and then did some painting so we could do some home expansion and renovation.

01-22-18_12:32:54 PM

I was able to expand her house to be able to also fit her bed inside, and I had just enough to slap some paint on the walls.

I had Lea do some fishing afterward so we wouldn’t have so little money, and then I found out that the Romance Festival was in town!

01-22-18_12:34:11 PM

I decided to bring Akira, since he and Lea seem to be pretty good friends at this point.

01-22-18_12:40:34 PM

Lea had a talk with the romance guru, who told her to go for it.

01-22-18_12:43:09 PM01-22-18_12:41:36 PM

At the end of this first week, I ended with 248 simoleons, and the following skill levels:

2 charisma, 1 comedy, 3 cooking, 3 fishing, 1 fitness, 1 gardening, 1 logic, 6 painting, 1 singing, 1 video gaming, and 1 writing.

There was no way for me to include every photo I took over 7 sim days, so I made a slideshow so you could get a better taste for what Lea was doing this week:

My goals for week 2 include getting an oven, a sink, a better bed, a larger house, and a higher skill in writing so Lea can eventaully start getting passive income from that.

I’m having a lot of fun with this challenge and I hope you enjoyed reading about Lea’s first week! I plan on posting week-by-week updates just like this, so keep your eyes peeled!

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