I’m super excited because today marks the release of my first for-sale zine, “Cute Merms.” I followed an 8-page zine format, and it’s completely full color. Here’s a preview I made that includes just some of the illustrations included in this zine:


The PDF version is available now! You can purchase it by clicking here.

You can pre-order a print version by clicking here. They’ll be shipped out two weeks from today (March 23, 2018). Pre-order price is 25% discounted from regular price. Pre-order sales end March 16, 2018, but the zine will still be available for purchase both digitally and in print.

I’m very proud of this zine and I had so much fun making it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I’ll definitely be making more zines in the future.

Update: I goofed! I wrote the wrong date for preorder shipping, but it’s fixed now! 🙂

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Posted by:neatohollo

I'm Holly, an 18-year-old college student from the greater Cincinnati area. Cat mother, dog lover, artist, pastel enthusiast.

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