Mixed Media Paintings Process: Mini Originals for Sale!

I’ve been having so much fun making these little mixed media paintings these past few weeks, and I want to share my process with you and show off some of my favorites!

For these pieces, I use old dictionary pages, acrylic paint, and ink. I like using these because it’s a lot less daunting than using a blank white page, and it gives the piece some texture and creates interest.

I decide on a color pallete next. I’ve been using only the primary colors, sometimes mixing them with white for a more pastel look.

The next step really depends on how I’m feeling and the look I’m going for. Sometimes I will apply the paint directly to the page and use a palette knife or old gift card to spread the paint, and sometimes I’ll just use the palette knife to apply the paint to the page.


I let the paint dry completely before I cut them to whatever size I choose. One dictionary page can make anywhere from 1-4 pieces by the time they’re trimmed and cut.

Then, I break out the Micron pens and white gel pen and start drawing. Sometimes I’ll use a reference, like if I want to draw a specific flower or animal, but other times I just start with doodling lines and faces.


Once I’m happy with what I’ve done, I let the ink dry and then seal it with a couple coats of Mod Podge.

When that’s fully dry, I use either Mac Tac or double sided tape to create a sort of “sticker” that I then mount on Bristol board, which completes the piece!


I hope you enjoyed seeing my process for this type of work! All of the pieces shown here are still available for sale, and I am discounting the price on them for a limited time. You can see more of these pieces and my work on my Instagram!

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