Faux Calligraphy Tutorial


“Faux calligraphy” is a cute and easy way to make your handwriting more interesting and fun. It’s something I’ve been practicing on and off for about a year, and it’s something I can definitely improve on, but I finally feel comfortable showing you how I do it.

I start by writing a word in cursive. In this example, I’ll use my name.


Then, add a line next to the downstrokes (all the times you pull your pen down the page).


You’ll be adding a thicker stroke on top of these strokes. This will create the look of using a brush pen or calligraphy pen, without needing those supplies. Make sure the lines connect and there are no weird angles, so the writing looks smooth. Take your time on this step, because this will really sell the illusion.


That’s it! You can try out using different writing styles, like print, bounce lettering, block lettering, etc. Remember that practice means improvement, so don’t give up on it!

Let me know if you try this and how it works for you!

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