12 Fun Things to do in Cincinnati

It’s midsummer and you might be looking for something to do, whether it be with friends, family, or just by yourself. If you live in or around Cincinnati, or you’re traveling soon, you might be on the lookout for something fun to do. Of course, there’s the Cincinnati Zoo and the Newport Aquarium, but what are some of the more unique things to do in and around Cincinnati?

  • Eden Park: Located at 950 Eden Park Dr. in Cincinnati, Eden Park has a picnic area and playground that overlooks the Ohio River and the city. This park spans 186 acres, with walking paths around the lake. There’s so much to do in the park, so this would be a great place to go and spend a whole day (or two)!
    • Krohn Conservatory: Krohn Conservatory is located in Eden Park, and this is such a beautiful place to go. Events change throughout the year, but the most popular is the butterfly show, in which butterflies are free to fly around you and the beautiful floral displays.
    • Cincinnati Art Museum: Also located in Eden Park, the Cincinnati Art Museum is one of the oldest art museums in America. General admission is always free, and CAM is such a neat place to go if you care about art in the slightest. Exhibits span thousands of years, from ancient times to contemporary art.
  • Findlay Market: You can visit Findlay Market at 1801 Race St in Cincinnati to experience the food and music. The market hosts events often, like Findlay Folk Fridays. There’s a farmer’s market, vendors outside, and street performances. Findlay Market is such a neat little adventure to go on.
  • American Sign Museum: The American Sign Museum is located at 1330 Monmouth Ave in Cincinnati. It displays signs from over 100 years of American history, including neon signs, distressed wooden signs, and more. You can go on a tour or just walk through the museum on your own, with a fun scavenger hunt to guide you through. There’s a fun, retro atmosphere and it’s so cool to see how signs have evolved through American history.
  • Smale Riverfront Park: Located at West Mehring Way in Cincinnati, you can run through the fountains, swing while overlooking the river, ride the carousel, navigate the labyrinth, and play on the Great Adventure Playground. Smale Park is stunning and fun for everyone, whether you’re 6 or 60!
  • Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum: Yes, a cemetery. Spring Grove is a historic park on 733 acres, dating back to 1844, with some of the most influential people in Cincinnati buried here. However, this cemetery is also a beautiful park with a pond, walking paths, and gardens. This is an interesting place to go to experience nature and learn some history along the way.
  • Contemporary Arts Center: The Contemporary Arts Center can be found at 44 E 6th St in Cincinnati. Covering the art of today, CAC has many beautiful and interesting exhibitions, as well as events like the Art Lab Nights to help local artists explore new mediums and create art as a community.
  • Cincinnati Museum Center: The Cincinnati Museum Center is located at 1301 Western Ave in Cincinnati at the old Union Terminal. With the Children’s Museum and the always-changing exhibits, this museum is a super great place to visit and revisit. The current exhibits are Mission Aerospace and Chocolate, the latter of which is actually opening today. The CMC is an interactive experience that you have to go see for yourself.
  • Cincinnati Observatory: Located at 3489 Observatory Pl in Cincinnati, this observatory is the oldest professional observatory in the United States, opening in 1873. They also often hold various events, like Sunday Sun-day Sundae. If you’re interested in space in the slightest, this is a great place to check out.
  • Lucky Cat Museum: This is a place that I have not gone to yet but I fully intend on visiting in the near future. The Lucky Cat Museum is located at 2511 Essex Pl in Cincinnati, and inside you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands, of lucky cat figurines. These lucky cats span from traditional figures to mechanical ones to pop culture inspired designs, and I am so excited to pay them a visit.
  • Washington Park: At 1230 Elm St in Cincinnati, Washington Park has events almost daily, sometimes even multiple times a day. There’s a playground, dog park, and interactive water park. Bands and vendors frequent the park during certain times, and hey, there’s wifi!

I hope this gives you some ideas of things to do this summer that are a little more unique to Cincinnati. Enjoy!

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